Brute Force: If Brute Force doesn't work, you're not using enough. 

Mad Dog's Palladium Files: Home of the Palladium Character Netbook. 

Palladium Martial Arts Netbook: Hundreds of martial arts for your Palladium enjoyment. Originally created by me, now maintained by Kuseru. Great site. 

The Netbook of Modern Firearms: Guns. A lot of guns. Can't have too many guns. 


Dumpshock: Really, you don't need any other site for SR. This leads to the best sites and a great decent message board. 

Other Links

Repairman Jack: The official site for one of the coolest characters ever. Good site about the Destroyer series of books, including trivia, characters, news, message board. 

Dark Horse Comics

D.C. Comics 

Image Comics

Marvel Comics 

Java Perpetual Calendar: Very useful. 

The Church of Euthanasia: Butchering the human carcass for consumption.


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