Angel/Buffy Downloads
    Cinematic Shadows House Rules (in progress) pdf (Here) updated 1-17-12
    Buffyverse Magic Rules (in progress) pdf (Here)

All Alone in the Night Downloads
    Skills and Stunts pdf (pdf here)


CURRENT Palladium/d20 Rules being used - Super Rough Draft
: xxx

Core House Rules: updated October 13, 2008
Core House Rules Expansion: a work in progress.
Arcane: current version of the magic system rules.
Ultimate Power: The super-power and basic rules in use for this conversion.
Warfare: current version of the main weapon document.
Wheels of Death: unfinished current version of the vehicles rules and modifications set.

Shadowrun: current version of the main Shadowrun conversion document.

Hyborian Age: current version of the Conan primary rules
Hyborian Encounters: current version of the monsters and foes document for Conan.
Hyborian Sorcery: modifications to the magic system and spells for the Conan game.

New Rules Ideas Excerpts: New ideas on Wealth and learning skills.
d20 Modern Occupations, Skills, and Feats.
Shadowrun 1st Edition Equipment
Shadowrun 3rd Edition Equipment
Shadowrun 4th Edition Equipment

Character Sheet Forms
Assuming I didn't fuck up, you should be able to open these sheets in Acrobat Reader version 7+, or Adobe Acrobat, fill in information, and then Save As and it'll save the file with your information in it.

Core Character Sheet: The four-page main character sheet.
Arcane reference sheet: The sheet for spellcasters.
Computers reference sheet: For deckers and hackers.
Feats and Special Abilities reference sheet: For all characters.
Hit Locations sheet: The hit location sheet for all characters.
Lifestyles and Identities sheet: For your lifestyle information as well as alternate identities.
Powers sheet: For super-powers.
Vehicles sheet: Vehicle information.

Zip Program: Since some of you don't seem to have a program for zipping up your character sheets, I'm including this one that I tried today, for you to download and install. Seems to work okay. When you use it, just use the default format (7z).