d20 System Miscellaneous


This is a pdf of the d20 rules set my group was using at one point. This is kit-bashed from the Fantasy and Modern SRDs, and numerous other sources, d20 and non-d20. It is not released under the OGL - I make no claims to anyone's copyrights, trademarks, etc. This is simply her for your convenience.
This is an unfinished document revising magic, based on the Elements of Magic - Mythic Earth rules. It is very unfinished, but includes a rough conversion of the swords from Saberhagen's The Books of the Swords series.

This is a pdf of new magic rules pertaining to spell targeting and world mana levels.

This is an unfinished weapons expansion for the House Rules provided above.

"Was Using at One Point": If you noticed, I indicate above that I was using the d20 system for a while. You probably figured out that also means I'm not using it now.  I think the basics of the system are pretty solid. And if I said I didn't enjoy the hell out of tinkering with it, my pants would be on fire (pants? You really think I'm wearing pants?). The house rules above qualify as at least one of my player's favorite system. I do not use those rules anymore though. As much as I liked tinkering with the system, it ultimately became just too much damn work for me as a GM (according to my players, it's no work at all - from their side of the screen at least!). But I still think it's essentially a solid system, and for those of you still using it, I hope you find something useful in my additions and alterations.