Homo sapiens interficio lamia

Build Points: 55

“In every generation, there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.”

In days long past, Demons had left the Earth, but hybrids remained, half – demons, vampires. These creatures threatened primitive man. With the aid of the gods, or primitive magicks, a collection of shamans bound the power and spirit of a demon into a young, unwilling girl. The First Slayer, gifted with strength, speed, resilience, trained in combat, and destined to battle. After the First Slayer was killed, another girl, in another part of the world was Chosen, and received the power. And so it has been throughout time. One Slayer falls, and another is called. Over time, the men who created the Slayer formed a council to watch for and train potential Slayers.

 The Slayer is always female, and born with a certain birthmark that indicates her potential destiny. Not all potential Slayers were called however. Most lived their lives without ever knowing what might have been. Those who were called lived short, violent lives, never living beyond 25 years. One by one, they rise and fall, never turning back the tide of evil, but slowing it, preventing the major catastrophes.

In the late 20th Century, there was an aberration: two Slayers alive at the same time. The metaphysics of this are still debated by those in the know. In the early 21st Century, an unforeseen event occurred, an event no one could have predicted, nor thought possible. A powerful witch activated the power in all of the potential Slayers. In the blink of an eye, there were dozens of super – powered young women walking the Earth.

In the last 50 years, many of those Slayers have been killed, and none have risen to take their place. As of the year 2050, fewer than two dozen Slayers are known to live. No one knows what will happen when the last falls, but there are two basic thoughts. One, when the last of the Slayers falls, that will be the end of the line. No more Slayers will arise, and the world will have to get by without the Slayer. Two, when the last Slayer falls, the line will reset itself, starting again with one Slayer, as in the days of old.

Slayers have the following attribute modifiers and abilities.

Body +4, Quickness +4, Strength +4, Willpower +3.  

Combat Skill: The Slayer begins with a rating of 1 in Edged Weapons, Throwing Weapons, Projectile Weapons, and Unarmed Combat.

Hunted: The Slayer has the Hunted flaw, at a value of 6. Typically, this represents a variety of enemies as opposed to a singular entity, thus, the enemies tend to have low ratings in general, while one enemy tends to have high ratings (Big Bad).

Improved Initiative: When rolling Initiative, one of the Slayer’s Initiative dice uses the Rule of Six.

Psychic Visions: Slayers are known to have psychic visions in their dreams, visions that cryptically provide details or warnings about the future. The Slayer has no control over these dreams.

Rapid Healing: Slayers heal quickly, though not as quickly as many para-animals. When making tests to heal, the Slayer uses double her Body rating, and the Target Number is four less than normal.

Resistant to Fear: Slayers are generally immune to fear effects, against all but the strongest sources (GM judgment), and even against the strongest, the Target Number for the Slayer to resist is reduced by 2.

Sense Vampire: The Slayer has a free point in the Active Skill, Sense Vampire (Intelligence – linked, no default). The Target Number for this check is half the distance in meters, to a maximum range of 100 meters. This skill works primarily against the Tainted (BtVS-style vampires), but the Slayer can detect the Embraced (Vampire: The Masquerade-style vampires) (+4 TN) and HMHVV Vampires (+6 TN) as well.

Toughness: Slayers are preternaturally resistant to physical damage. The Slayer is considered to have a natural armor rating of Ballistic 1, Impact 2, and rolls two additional dice when making Damage Resistance Tests. Her Overflow is increased by +5.