Homo sapiens susceptor

Build Points: 20

Throughout the history of man, there have been certain individuals gifted with enhanced senses. These individuals are drawn towards protection; tribal guardian, bodyguard, cop. In the Fifth World, the Sentinel was a rarity, but with the Awakening, the x factor that creates them has increased. The abilities of a Sentinel are typically found among those who have had to use their senses to survive harsh conditions. Soldiers in the jungles, street people from the Barrens, insurgents in Afghanistan, and so forth. The harshness of the area seems to being the abilities to the forefront. There may be more Sentinels than anyone realizes, but some of those may never have encountered the conditions required to activate the ability.

Sentinels have the following attribute modifiers and abilities.

Intelligence +3 (Perception tests only).

Heightened Senses: All five of a Sentinel’s senses are heightened beyond that of normal humans (reflected in the Perception test bonus). Sentinels have the ability to focus in, or “zone in” on a certain sense, to the exclusion of their other senses (“zoned out”). Note that when a Sentinel is zoned in, he is also more vulnerable to attacks based on the active sense. Zoning in is a Simple Action and has the following effects:

·          Zoned In Hearing: When a Sentinel zones in on his hearing, he is able to hear sounds as if he were 50x closer. A conversation that he would normally be able to hear at 10 feet would be heard at 500 feet. The Sentinel can hear sounds that are both above and below the frequency of normal hearing. He acts as if possessing Select Sounds Filters (rating 5), and a Spatial Recognizer.

·          Zoned In Smell: The Sentinel receives +10 dice when making scent-based Perception tests. He can track creatures by their scent, and can often recognize scents in the way that most people recognize faces.

·          Zoned In Taste: The Sentinel receives +10 dice when making taste-based Perception tests. He can determine the number of ingredients in a product, and if he has the proper training and knowledge, may even be able to identify the ingredients. This requires only a small sample.

·          Zoned In Touch: The Sentinel receives +10 dice when making touch-based Perception tests. This can help him with picking locks, reading by touch, detecting air pressure changes, and so forth.

·          Zoned In Vision: When focusing on his vision, the eyes of a Sentinel function much like an imaging sight, or binoculars. When using a ranged weapon, the Sentinel’s base Target Numbers are 2-2-3-4. Switching from one range category to another requires a Simple Action. He effectively has 200 – power magnification, and is able to see much like a microscope with 500x magnification. With minimal concentration, he gains low-light vision.

Zoned Out: When a Sentinel is zoned in on one of his heightened senses, he ignores the input from his other senses. For example, if a Sentinel were focused on a sound outside his window, he would not hear or be aware of an armed group of thugs breaking down his front door. To notice another sensory input, he may roll a Willpower test against a Target Number of 12 with a threshold of 4.